Reconnect with Yourself at a Mindfulness Retreat or Workshop.

I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation and studying eastern philosophy in the Soto Zen Buddhist tradition for almost 20 years. As a result I’ve experienced less anxiety, a greater ability to focus my attention on what’s important, a sense of ease in my body and mind, and a deeper connection to myself and others.

Making time for yoga and meditation retreats a few times each year helps deepen my practice and inspires me to renew my commitment to my own well-being.

Retreats offer a structured space in which we give ourselves permission to turn away from the distractions, noise, and non-stop activity of everyday life and redirect our energy quietly inward. Taking the time for a meditation trip is a practice that pays off in myriad ways:

  • Silent meditation will give you an increased awareness of your thought and behavior patterns and you’ll have precious time in which to reflect on how these patterns serve you on your path to well-being.

  • You’ll have opportunities to receive one-on-one mindfulness instruction and to ask questions about your personal  meditation and yoga practice or receive advice on how to begin a daily practice.

  • You’ll experience the amazing mental and emotional spaciousness that comes with a technology detox and a few days of mindfulness meditation.

  • You’ll receive the warmth and support of a community of dedicated spiritual students.

I view retreats as a gift of calm, embodied wholeness to myself. It’s a feeling I’ve never experienced anywhere else, and that’s why I love to offer yoga and mindfulness meditation workshops and retreats close to home in Madison, Wisconsin as well as at the lovely Christine Center in the tranquil north woods.

Whether you’re new to mindfulness meditation retreats and workshops or a long-term practitioner, I’d love for you to be part of our community.

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