Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
— Carl Jung
Madison, WI Mindfulness-Informed Psychotherapist and EMDR Certified Therapist - Sheryl Lilke


I’m a professional counselor and teacher of mindfulness meditation living with my family in Madison, Wisconsin. Like you, I've experienced many of life's challenges and transitions—I've raised two sons, changed careers, navigated shifting family dynamics, lost loved ones, and explored the early stages of my own middle age. The nurturing and supportive professional help I received during some of the roughest times in my life inspired me to become a professional counselor myself.


I believe that our minds, bodies, emotions, and relationships all exist interdependently. When one aspect of our life fails to flourish, the whole system can be put off balance. We may find ourselves feeling anxious, confused, depressed, or struggling to connect with our own inner wisdom.

Fortunately, there’s a path toward restoring our sense of well-being and happiness that is accessible to everyone. When we learn to become deeply embodied and mindful of the ever-changing nuances of our moment-to-moment felt experience, harmful or self-limiting patterns of thought and behavior can be released. As a result, we connect to our own voice of wisdom and uncover a deep, expansive sense of compassion for ourselves and others.

This is soulful work that reaches its full potential when it is done within the safe space of a trusting and authentic relationship. I strive to create a connection with each individual that allows their natural inner wisdom and innate movement toward ease and wellness to achieve its own unique expression through mindful self-exploration.

How can you and I work together to ease your suffering and help you reconnect to your inner wisdom and natural resilience? Whether you are struggling with a difficult life transition, suffering from a childhood trauma wound, feeling unfulfilled in your relationships, or looking for ways to release stress and decrease anxiety, together we can create an approach that works for you. Under “Work with Me” you’ll find descriptions of the following approaches:

  • Mindfulness-informed psychotherapy

  • EMDR trauma-resolution therapy

  • Spiritual coaching and mindfulness instruction


My Qualifications

I have earned an MS degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from UW-Whitewater and Level II training in EMDR Trauma-Resolution Therapy. Additionally, I am a lay-ordained practitioner in the Soto Zen Buddhist tradition and a 500-hour certified teacher of Alignment Yoga. I currently see clients at the Wisconsin Psychotherapy and Healing Center.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can work together, call me at 608-571-4968 or email me at SherylLilke@gmail.com to schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation. This will allow me to learn more about the challenges you’re working with and your goals for therapy, and you’ll be able to ask me questions and get a sense for how we might fit together.