Spirituality can mean different things to different people.


I like to think of spiritual practice as the steps we take to ensure that our actions in the world align with our inner ideals.

As a Buddhist practitioner, the ideas of non-harming, interdependence, and impermanence serve as a sort of compass as I move through my life. Yoga and meditation create a space where I gain insight into the patterns, or grooves, my thoughts and emotions can sometimes get stuck in.

A practice of any sort that encourages us to examine how we move through the world can help turn off the “auto-pilot” mode we get stuck in as we move through our busy lives. In addition, a regular meditation practice has been shown by research to reduce anxiety and depression, increase one’s feeling of connectedness to others, improve learning and memory, and preserve cognitive functioning in the aging brain.

If you're interested in feeling more deeply connected to yourself and the world around you, getting unstuck from patterns that limit your personal growth, or learning to increase emotional stability and inner peace through meditation practice, spiritual coaching or mindfulness meditation instruction can set you on the path toward your goal.