As a Trauma Therapist, I Want to Let You Know that EMDR Therapy Can Help.


Trauma may be experienced as a single life-threatening event or a long series of subtle threats to our safety, autonomy, and well-being. For many of us, trauma can have serious, long-lasting effects that disrupt our emotional, physical, and spiritual development. When this happens, we may need to seek PTSD treatment.

Trauma disrupts the forward flow of our life. We may feel stuck in a cycle of reactive, self-destructive patterns, or we may feel doomed to re-living the traumatic experience over and over. For those who may be seeking trauma counseling, EMDR can help.

Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) is an approach to trauma resolution that has been backed by years of research. EMDR directly affects the way the brain processes and holds trauma and helps the brain release traumatic memories that are trapped in the nervous system.

As a result of EMDR therapy, individuals generally feel that the traumatic memory no longer holds great emotional power over their lives and that forward movement toward ease and wellness has been restored. Often, insight into the experience results in positive changes in the way we view ourselves.

When EMDR therapy is combined with mindfulness-informed psychotherapy and somatic psychology, these emotional and cognitive changes can be reinforced and integrated into one’s daily life.

I am a Level II certified EMDR therapist and the clients I’ve worked with have seen the following results:

  • Painful childhood memories lose their power in the present and fade into the past where they belong.

  • Long-held feelings of being “not enough” or unworthy of love and affection are replaced with feelings of self-compassion and worthiness.

  • Traumatic events that were once re-lived over and over are filed into their correct place in the memory timeline.

In addition to being a powerful component of PTSD therapy, EMDR can also be helpful in reducing anxiety and depression, as well as treating addictions and phobias. For more information about EMDR, visit:

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I offer Mindfulness-Informed Psychotherapy and Retreats and Workshops which can also be powerful and effective tools in your journey towards healing.